Women's Issues

I thoroughly enjoy working with women as they face the many challenges that being a woman in today's world presents. We are made to love and be loved and want nothing more than to have a happy marriage and family or long-term relationship. However, that is not the reality for many of us today. On top of that we have careers and jobs, children, and family relatives who we care for and are concerned about.

  • How do we balance our lives and move forward in a way that realizes our desires, talents, and abilities?
  • How do we not get bogged down in our relationships so that we can realize, even actualize, our lives? After all we are not here just to take care of everybody but to live a life that fulfills our hopes, desires, and need for fruitfulness in our lives.
  • How do we balance a demanding employer with a demanding family?
  • How do we take better care of ourselves so that we can enjoy a full, rich life right through our old age?
  • What steps do we need to take in order to have financial security and the ability to care for ourselves and others?
  • What do we do with a special needs child?
  • How do we keep the love alive in our marriage and continue to enjoy intimacy and fun?

These are just many of the questions and challenges that the women I work with face each and every day?

Here are some of the areas of our work:

  • Work/family balance
  • Work/career goals/financial independence and success
  • How to run an effective household where the work is shared and not just done by Mom
  • Deal with demanding, exploitive people at home, work, or community
  • Deal with disrespect in a marriage and other relationships
  • Learn to handle conflict effectively at home, work, or community
  • How to get abusive people out of your life
  • What to do when your marriage/relationship has died
  • How to handle children with whom you are in a constant power/control battle

These are just a few of the issues that women in my practice deal with on a daily basis. Feel free to contact me about any challenge you face as a woman. You can begin to "move beyond the storm" in your life. Grow in your ability to handle challenging people and situations. You can learn how to handle your life more effectively and be in healthy control of yourself instead of allowing people and situations to push you around. Talk to you soon!


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
e-mail: clearskies@beyond-the-storm.com
"moving beyond the storm"

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