Benefits of Premarital Counseling:

In my work as a couples/relationship counselor I truly love working with couples preparing for marriage. More and more I am seeing couples who want to see past the wonderful romantic feelings to discern their overall level of preparation. Many people have been married and divorced before or have had broken love relationships. This time they want their love to be successful. They do not want to experience defeat again. And they are ready to accept personal responsibility in their intimate relationship. They want to deal with any prior or present, or even potential storm situations.

Here are the areas I cover with each couple:

  • Relationship history-what has worked and not worked in past relationships?
  • Family of origin-what kind of a marriage did the parents have, or had?
  • Patterns of conflict-what type of conflict pattern has emerged in present relationship/past relationships?
  • Is the couple having any boundary problems with other relatives or friends?
  • Have prior relationships been properly ended, or is there still contact affecting current relationship?
  • Are there any children from prior marriages or relationships? If so, what are the challenges?
  • Are there any concerns or patterns developing in the current relationship?
  • Are there any financial concerns? One a saver or the other a spender? What are the couple's financial goals? Do they have a budget?
  • Household management. How best to divide the work of running a home?
  • What are the couple's career/job goals?
  • Do they have plans for children?
  • Communication skills. Any concerns? When and how does communication break down?

This list is not all-inclusive. I fine tune my premarital counseling to each couple. The focus is on what each couple needs to prepare for a successful, long-term future. We look under every rock if need be to address any concerns and long-term patterns which have the potential of destroying a loving, committed relationship.

I am there for you as you "move beyond the storm" in your most important intimate relationship.


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"moving beyond the storm"

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