Personal Growth

Personal growth is about becoming a fully functioning person, capable of accomplishing one's goals and even destiny. It is a desire to move beyond just living your life, to being the person you were meant to be. This change can happen as we deal with the storms of our lives. Or it can happen because we want to challenge ourselves to be fully ourselves. This means we bring a positive, uplifting energy with us wherever we go in life. When at work, when at home, and when we are in our community we bring kindness and respect wherever we go. Yes, we have life goals to accomplish, but personal growth is about enjoying the journey and being a source of joy to those around you. In short, personal growth is about making a difference with one's life. Being that friend, spouse, career professional who brings a "value added" quality.

Personal growth is also about improving the quality of our relationships. Do our boundaries need to be reevaluated with others in our life? Have we slipped into unhealthy co-dependency, meaning we are doing more for others than is needed? Yes, we want to be a source of joy and respect for others but are we protecting our resources adequately? Do we have family members, co-workers, who are demanding more of us because we are kind and respectful? Have some of our relationships become abusive, intimidating, or exploitive? Are we spending too much time focused on relationship difficulties? Do we have a healthy balance between the energy we put into our relationships and what we receive in return? Do we tend to be the giver, or the taker?

Personal growth is about doing the work for which you are gifted and have aptitude. In our job or career are we simply punching the time card, looking for the clock to tick away another day of our life? Sometimes we need to take the time to evaluate whether our gifts and talents are being properly utilized.

Personal growth is about getting in touch with hopes and dreams that have gotten lost along the path of life. The pressure of everyday life has caused them to get lost. Let us take the time to reevaluate to find the dreams from the past, but also to discover the dreams for our future, our destiny. Do we have a plan for our life, or are we just living each day as it comes along?

The beauty of doing personal work is that we are entering into a time of clarification and evaluation where we are not hampered with stress and struggle in our lives. We are reasonably happy, and maybe even content, but we take the time to invest in our lives and to perhaps make some course corrections.

Clients doing personal growth work with me evaluate the following areas:

  • Personal relationships with family, friends, co-workers and colleagues.
  • Job, career, and business goals.
  • Physical health. Do we have a healthy routine of healthy eating and exercise?
  • Relationship intimacy and the health of our sexuality
  • Long-term patterns that are draining our life's energies and confusing the direction.

Begin today to "move beyond the storm" and take that time and invest in your life. Take the time for that "tune-up" and prepare yourself for an excellent future.


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"moving beyond the storm"

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