Challenging Life Transitions:

I work with many people who are going through major life transitions. Death of a loved one, dealing with a physically abusive spouse, coming to terms with challenging and difficult family members, and handling co-workers and colleagues who bring much dissension and strife to the work environment are just a few examples of what I do with clients dealing with challenging life transitions. Many of these clients are dealing with crushing levels of depression and anxiety, and are even tormented beyond words as they struggle to find their way through seemingly impossible situations. Truly these clients are trapped in a "storm situation" and have need of finding the "eye of the storm" in order to "move beyond the storm". Self-esteem and self-confidence are extremely low due to the long-term fact of dealing with trying times and situations where they have not been able to get a handle on how best to move and proceed with healthy success.

Here are a few examples of the many challenges my clients face:

  • How should a wife deal with a violent, physically abusive husband? What steps should she take?
  • What should a deeply estranged married couple due to restore their love when they have had years of failure?
  • How should a wife handle a mentally and emotionally abusive husband as she struggles with breast cancer?
  • How does a widow who lost her husband through Huntington's disease move past the grief and trauma of his 11-year medical struggle to reclaim her own life?
  • How does a married couple handle the fact that they need her controlling mother to finance their new business?
  • How do parents of an adult child handle her lies and accusations against them in the extended family? How do they move forward in the family when dealing with devastation and grief unspeakable?
  • How does a husband handle the fact that his wife had an emotional affair with a younger man but does not seem to understand how that deeply hurt him? How best to resolve this marriage?
  • How does a man with a chronic, degenerative disease like Parkinson's find his "hero" identity? How can be restore his lost self-esteem in order to become an inspiration to others with Parkinson's disease?
  • How does a wife with a demanding career handle exploitive relatives who expect her to give and pay for most everything? What does she do with the resentment and extreme exhaustion she has at age 40 after a lifetime of "caring" for everyone else?
  • What does a remarried woman do with a 31 year daughter who has three precious grandchildren but "hates her mother with all her heart". How does she handle the endless exploitation for money, and stabs to the heart, with endless, rich disrespect? Will she ever see her grandchildren again?
  • How does a divorced mother handle the son who abuses her like her ex-husband did?
  • How does an adult man handle an 80 year-old mother who treats him with no worth and value and has since he was a very small child?

These are just a few examples of clients dealing with incredibly challenging life situations. I take care with each client, and couple, to work and guide them through the process of making the best decision, the healthiest decision. A decision that honors all involved, even though ill-treatment has gone on for a very long time, but still guides them to a safer future. Tough decisions require much wisdom and discretion. I thoroughly enjoy working with people stepping their way through difficult "storm situations" to a better future. Because in time a series of progressive steps are needed to get to the place to where you can look back and see you handled the situation not only the best way you could, but in the wisest way. Knowing that you are making a series of decisions that will inevitably yield fruit. Sometimes saying "No" with wisdom and respect is the way to "move beyond the storm".

For more information on how you can begin to work through a difficult "storm situations" please do not hesitate to contact me.


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"moving beyond the storm"

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