Directions to Vancouver, WA office: (see map below)

Directions: My office is in The Academy building on C Street and Evergreen Blvd in downtown Vancouver. The Academy was built in 1873 and has a splendid past. Please see map on website. The Address: 400 East Evergreen Blvd., 322 D (North Wing on back of bldg.), Vancouver, WA 98660.

From Portland:
Take I-5 North. As you cross over the I-5 Bridge it is easy to miss exit 1A—Hwy. 14, (right at the end of the I-5 Bridge). If you miss exit 1A it is very easy to miss exit 1B—City Center. Take exit 1B—City Center. As you straighten out from the loop on this exit you have two choices. The left lane to City Center, or continue straight onto “C” Street. Continue straight on “C” street. “C” Street will bend to the left. You will pass the Cinema on your right, and a car dealership on your right. You will then stop at the light on C Street and Evergreen Blvd. The Academy will be on your right.
My office is in the North Wing, which is built on the back of the building. Many new clients get very frustrated trying to find my office in the main building.
Proceed through this intersection of C Street and Evergreen Blvd. Make a right turn into the large parking lot. Drive to the back of this parking lot and park in front of the long, rectangular, very run-down building that once housed steam equipment for The Academy. Next park in front of the hedges/bushes in front of this old building.
As you sit in your car looking forward at the long bushes the Shilo Inn Motel will be to your left and the North entrance to your right. There is a red awning with N Entrance on it, and a reader board to the left of the N Entrance with my name listed as C. Gearing. There will be hanging flowers to the immediate right of the entrance. Walk up the few stoop stairs and proceed up to Suite 322. It is a bit of a walk. When you enter 322 please have a seat in the waiting area. My office is in 322D. I will come out to greet you at the start of our appointment.

From Vancouver and northern suburbs:
Drive south on I-5 until you get to exit at the City Center exit. Slow WAY down as you get off this exit as you will miss “D” Street (Burgerville). Make a left on “D” Street right by the Burgerville. Stop at the stop sign. You will see restored condos on your right and The Shilo Inn Motel on your left. Directly in front you will see the backside of The Academy. As you pull into the large parking lot go left. Park in front of the long, rectangular, dilapidated building that houses The Academy Stack that you can see from I-5. Park in front of the hedges in front of this building. To your direct right you will see the North Entrance into the North Wing. Only enter the North Door that goes into the North Wing. If you enter any other door on the North side of the building you will find yourself in the main building. My office is in the North Wing and cannot be found in the main building. At the North Entrance to the North Wing you will see a reader board to your left. C. Gearing will be listed for 322D. You will see a sign for Quakenbush Photography and Mary Simensen counseling. Walk up a couple of stoop stairs and then begin to climb to the third floor. Enter 322 through the large Blue Door and have a seat.

From Hwy. 14: Take Hwy 14 until you get close to downtown Vancouver. Take the City Center exit and proceed with the above directions.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at for more detailed directions. Please also e-mail the best cell phone # to call you right before our session. I will give you a call to guide you to your first session.

See you soon!!!

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