A message to clients:

Hello, welcome to Beyond the Storm. If you want to become a new client please send an e-mail to Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT at
clearskies@beyond-the-storm.com and leave a message with my answering service at 503.244.4008 or 360.690.8400. In your e-mail feel free to share your present needs. Know that I am looking forward to working with you.

"In order to expedite the process of beginning counseling and therapy please
click on Insurance form (click here). Please complete the form and make a
LARGE copy of your insurance card, front and back. Then fax the
information to Caroline at 503.622.8586 and to my assistant Stephanie at
503.961.0586. Thanks! Then leave a detailed voicemail message at either
503.244.4008 or 360.690.8400 for Caroline. Also leave a voicemail message
with Stephanie at 503.997.6261 or 360.562.2959.

Due to heavy call volume, and the difficulty in returning calls when I am
working as a counselor and therapist, it is best to coordinate new
counseling and therapy by e-mail and follow the above fax instructions. I
can get back to you much quicker by e-mail versus checking my messages later
on in the day. I wish to be of service and to help streamline the New
Client process.

In addition, please call your insurance company and ask about your
"outpatient mental health benefit". Using this insurance language will help
you get accurate information. You can give them my name and office location
and they will look me up in their system to determine if I am a "in-network
provider" for your plan. Ask if you have a deductible to pay, # of sessions
available, co-pay, co-insurance, and the need for a treatment plan after so
many sessions. With the busyness of my office a new client having this
vital information helps us to get the work started smoothly and quickly,
getting you scheduled sooner.

Also, if I am NOT a plan provider under your plan inquire if your plan has
any ability to see a provider outside your plan. In others, do you have a
"non-plan" level of coverage? If you do this will mean more out of pocket
expense, maybe even an additional deductible, but you will receive some
financial coverage for the work, versus having no coverage at all. When you
have the insurance information fax to Caroline at 503.622.8586 and to
Stephanie at 503.961.0586. Do not send insurance information by e-mail as
it is not a secure form of communication. Insurance information is
confidential and e-mail does not protect this information from third parties
looking to commit identity fraud.

Getting this information to Stephanie and I is so very helpful. I find that
if clients know what their plan can and cannot do, they are informed to make
the best counseling and therapy decisions. The more we can figure out
accurately in the beginning means a smoother claims process and less
rejected or denied claims, or the discovery that a new client needs to pay
more out of pocket than previously thought. The insurance companies are
very clear when you get your benefits/eligibility information there "is no
guarantee of payment". This means the client is financially responsible for
their portion of the cost. The insurance company will only pay if they see
you have coverage under your plan. They automatically deduct from provider
reimbursement the client portion of the cost, which means the counselor and
therapist is required to collect these funds at the time of service. We do
our best to get the work off to a good start. I like the first session to
be focused on what is important in your life rather than trying to figure
out insurance. In order to help clients not build up a balance on their
account I collect deductible, co-pays and co-insurance at the time of
service. Payment by check is the easiest, although cash is fine, as the
bookkeeping system will record the payments for each session.

In recent years insurance companies have drastically cut provider
reimbursement making it important for us to be as efficient as possible.
Your willingness to best understand your insurance plan helps us to that
end. I am most appreciative of your efforts "to get it figured out". Let's
get the paperwork out of the way so we can begin effective work together.

Please make sure to also leave a telephone message with my answering service, and an e-mail message, so that I can contact you promptly!

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Catch up to you soon!

Make the decision today to begin moving “beyond the storm”.


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
e-mail: clearskies@beyond-the-storm.com
“moving beyond the storm”

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