Benefits of Child and Family Counseling:

I do much work with parents and children in my practice. It has never been more difficult to raise, happy, well-adjusted children then it is today. It seems like a parents' influence is being drowned out by cultural noise and drag. Everyone seems to be the authority on how we should be raising our children. Never before has there been more criticism of parents regarding how they raise their children. Even though there are many voices today telling us what to do it is important to know that parents are extremely important to their children. A parent's love and support cannot be replaced by anyone else. A big part of my practice is working with parents on how they are raising their children. By supporting the parents I am supporting their children.

I use Dr. Matthew Johnson's book and approach: "Positive Parenting with a Plan: Family rules." To learn more you can view his website: It is an excellent program which has the parents creating a structured "family rules" system which is very clear and age appropriate. It takes some time to set up the system but it has the benefit of getting both parents on the same page and gives clarity to the children as to the family rules needed to run their home. It is a system where everyone, including the parents, live within the family rules. When parents provide clear structure on what a child needs to do each and every day this gives them the clarity they need to feel happy and safe in their home. There is no need for the endless nagging, pushing, and complaining. Each person in the home knows the behavioral rules for the home, what needs to be done each and every day so that the home functions well.

I work on the following areas with my parents and children:

  • Increase parental skills
  • Manage stress
  • Adjust to life changes and loss
  • Change long-term negative patterns between parents and children
  • Help parents work together as a team to raise their children
  • Reduce need for endless power and control battles between parents and children.

Feel free to contact me regarding your parental needs. Get back to be a loving, supportive parent and begin to "move beyond the storm" as soon as possible.


Caroline Gearing, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"moving beyond the storm"

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